The feminine form takes center stage. We turn our focus, dramatically, to sculpting our signature handwork textiles into new-age and shape-oriented eveningwear. 

We’ve particularly reinvented our Zari-Ari embroideries, developing them into dynamic tape-like forms and sculpting them on the body to form statuesque silhouettes. Arc-shaped patterns in mirror leatherette have been top-stitched and hand-appliqued to emphasize the curves and circularity of the body, while our state-of-art upcycled TPU yarn embroideries have been cut and formed in fringes and stripes to emphasize the angles of the female form. 

These complex handwork embroideries and textiles sit on a base of structured metallic Lurex-tulles and heavy textured satins, in striking shades of ebony, ivory, and a range of metallics from gold and pewter to silver and bronze.


AKHL was founded by Akhil Nagpal in 2020. 

After graduating from the renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in 2017 with various honors, he worked with leading designers in London and New Delhi before starting his label AKHL in 2020. 

AKHL is defined by its unyielding commitment to crafting new-age and, evocative pieces of fashion, constructed by radically contemporizing traditional garment and textile handmaking techniques.

The genesis of all designs at AKHL is rooted in the development of distinctive and complex textiles, engineered using unusual materials and a wide range of re-invented textile crafting processes, including hand-weaving, hand-interlacing, traditional hand-embroidery, applique, and gradient hand-dyeing.

AKHL pieces are also made different by their novel shapes and cuts that elementally emerge out of the structure, form, and tactility of its one-of-a-kind textiles.


AKHL showcased its debut collection at Lakme Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020 as the winner of the prestigious Gen Next competition and has been a recipient of various awards since then. AKHL won the Elle Graduates Designer of the Year Award in 2022, The Grazia Young Fashion Award in 2021 and was selected to be a part of Harper’s Bazaar Spotlight 50 in 2020.

AKHL is regularly featured in articles and editorials in leading fashion publications including ID UK and Indian editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. AKHL has also been featured on ‘Label Alert’ segments in Indian editions of Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia.


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