Aleem Yusuf Paris FW2019


The journey from my native Pakistan and my adopted country, Australia, culminating in “Nomad”.

It’s a long process because of melancholy experiences, distance, height, visions and conversations I have translated a creative emotion. These ideas bubbling in me are then embedded in an exuberant dash with a simple pencil. The flow of colors, textures and embellishments were set up like pieces of a puzzle, creating vibrant textures. The ideas buried deep in my heart had suddenly come to life.

The colors are inspired by two themes: my childhood adventures among the turmeric gilding and lush purple bazaars of Pakistan; my adult life in Australia and the deep blue sea, contrasting with the red desert sand.

The golden age of couture is omnipresent: ostrich feathers, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, sequins, lace and draped evocative eye-catcher on the time of the great designer Christian Dior.

Women who wear my creations are women style, which assume in their individuality, without borders: Nomads.

Fabrics make sense: rich silk – satins, crinkle chiffon, dupion, taffeta, organza – and mixtures lurex evoking the slow ebb and flow of love underwater and travel clouds over large areas. Tissue around the world, including the beautiful French lace Sophie Hallette, complete these idyllic dreams.

Growing up in the 1980s, cuts and shapes were inspired by my happy memories ruffles, ruffles, tulle and epaulettes. They are found in the silhouettes and contemporary design deliberately sublimating the female form.

Work the grain of the fabric, use a bias cut, handle the fabric and create a sumptuous drape, all contribute to create a silhouette juxtaposing design elements that will flatter and give power. Like a nomad pilgrimage to exotic lands, our workshop uses traditional sewing techniques such as draping, the ruching, pleating, gathering, dyeing, molding, corsetry and stitched hand finishing. Embroidery and beads sublimate luxurious cacophony of textures including Swarovski crystals, ostrich feathers, glass beads and delicate son.

Nomad required about two thousand hours; just a break in the time devoted to the pleasures that our Nomads will live with this collection.



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