Collection “BITE THIS …” critically considers tendencies of fashion and fashion industry in the near future and questions responsibilities of hyper- consumerism, fast fashion and role of textile production in the pollution of the environment.

HYBRIDIZED BLEND OF MIXED FUSION is a big patchwork puzzle assembled to live another life span. Style represents combination of many significant decades and epochs of a mix of all primary COLORS. Their is a  complementary fusion of new age prints with antique embroidery, with a blend of organic geometric forms and silhouettes. Each piece embodies a  cosmopolitan mix of contemporary and ancient.
Combined research of this collection strives to awaken lazy hyper consumers, with a careless capitalistic conscience. Sociologically and ecologically engaged, sarcastic and on the verge of witty, “BITE THIS…“ tells a sad and above all serious story. The personal disappearance of authentic thievery of   intimate that is moving into landfills in a blink of an eye, hungry for new, blind for the consequences and a negligence of responsibility. 

Ana Trošić Trajković was born in 1980. She graduated from the Belgrade Polytechnics major in Fashion design of leather products, but at the very beginning of her professional engagement she chooses textile in fashion design. During as well as after her studies she participated in several fashion shows.
She is founder and one of designers of Mood Board studio, which has been dealing with styling, design and production of uniforms and costumes in advertising. Success of Mood Board studio comes as a result of designers striving, often under very strict conditions and within short deadlines, to produce bigger and smaller series of garments used as uniforms, yet superseding this category in the means of aesthetics, modernity and quality.

In recent years studio Mood Board seeks, in addition to being engaged by some of the most successful companies and corporations in their own domains (Philip Morris, Samsung, Telenor, General Motors, Banca Intesa, Hypo Alpe Adria banku, Microsoft, Red Bull etc. ) to realize collections in order to grow from studio into a clothing brand with authentic and modern design intended for a young, successful woman.  



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