The Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection follows the story of the ATU Body Couture woman, this time facing the emotional turmoils of loneliness and the constant development of her fear of never finding love. Through a one-sided perspective, things take a poetic turn and end up glamorizing isolation and the aching desire to be loved.

The clothes are a reflection of her personality, therefore becoming utensils in her fight against autophobia.

Acting like amulets, each and every piece of clothing has the purpose of helping in the process of finding true love.

ATU Body Couture is a fashion brand launched on June 2011 based on Bucharest, Romania.
ATU Body Couture explores women’s world with its aesthetic manifestations reflected in two seasonal collections Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.
Manufacture is the main part of the creative process along with continuous searches for specific textures and the obsession for femininity celebrated by comfort and style.
The brand promotes simple and useful design, combined with special fabrics and accessories, unique yet functional; discrete details, manufacturing elements, powder shades and white, but also the colors of the present.

It is a privilege to have a personal ATU (asset) because clothes represents an universe. When you wear them, you wear an option, an assumed concept.

The advantage of having your own universe, completed by femininity and exuberance is the most important argument for happiness.

ATU – An element which in some circumstances provides someone an advantage or an extra chance. – From fr. ATOUT


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