CASE 2805

CASE 2805

Petja Zorec fall 2020 Case 2805 collection’s concept is based on the theory of many layers of an individual, which finally form one’s uniqueness. The layers shape an individual through periods of life, illustrated with different colors and translucency. They are also shaped by the experience, represented with a line that dictates further decisions and directions. The sum of the layers shows us the colors of our current self’s, the line created pattern.
This collection invites universal individuals to embrace every layer and path of their own history and, through this become unique cases. 

Petja Zorec is a menswear brand, founded in 2014, that fuses contradictions, resulting in surprising ready-to-wear. The brand’s collections meet the demands of everyday life with bending gender specifics and pre-conceived ideas. By combining traditional textile techniques with hi-tech, often athletic materials her clothes effortlessly shift back and forth between work and play, slow and superfast, cozy and cerebral. The designers liberating, sportswear-inspired and innovative designs can and should be worn by women also. The brand is a regular feature on Ljubljana’s fashion week and showcases in diverse exhibitions abroad.

In 2011 Petja Zorec was invited to take part in a group of young designer called Young@Squat which is considered as the new wave of Slovenian designers. Now she is a member of Squat design group, founded by renowned designers Nataša Peršuh and Zoran Garevski. She finished her MA studies in Fashion design from Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at University of Ljubljana in 2013 where she now works as an assistant.

Petja Zorec has received numerous national and international awards; OpenMyMed Prize 2017 & 2019 (Marseille), Belgrade Fashion Week Award (Fashion Scout London), Elle Style Award (SOTO), Design (Dis)ability, WOW award for Best collection (Ljubljana Fashion Week) and others.  



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