Clothes Are Boring Wear Monosuit

MONOSUIT is a NewYork based fashion brand known for its advanced contemporary modular design based on smart zipping, creative avant-garde transformation options and a futuristic concept known since 2013.

MONOSUIT manifests individuality as the new luxury though engaging customers into co-creation of garments. It’s about comfort, fun, and more than anything, it’s about you. Transform MONOSUIT in any way YOU want.

Just jump into the monosuit in the morning, no need to mix and match and transform it into a dress in the evening.

The main characteristics of MONOSUIT include:
1. Exceptional convenience bound with an extravagant and futuristic design
 2. A customer co-creation concept: you can easily adjust your outfit to address the weather, your circumstances or your mood.
Some models can be modified into up to ten different pieces
With a MONOSUIT you don’t need to go through the struggle of sitting half-naked in a bathroom and can even be more adventurous in love.

Quote from the founder: “As the name suggests (‘mono’ stands for ‘one-piece’ suit), at MONOSUIT we open people’s minds to the idea of an easy-to-wear one clever piece of garment, which can be worn with the zipper up-front, backward and even upside down.

You don’t have to have overstuffed bags and overload your wardrobe anymore”)

About: Maria studied fashion at Central Saint Martin in London and Academia D’Arte in Florence after finishing at British Higher School at Art & Design in Moscow. Prior to Monosuit, she built a successful career with EY.
Maria has always had an eye for design but wanted to create something that was functional, sustainable, without compromising on personality and making a statement. Her idea behind Monosuit was to empower women with multiple outfits in one, but each version of the outfit has a mood.
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