David Catalán FW24/25

“The Blanket” collection draws inspiration from the fading artistry of Cobertores de Papa de Maçainhas and the timeless allure of Castelo Branco embroidery, both in the countryside of Portugal. The collection encapsulates a profound link to landscapes veiled in morning mist, the shepherds, granite villages, and the tranquil silence that pervades them. This narrative intertwines elements of heritage and craftsmanship.

Materials and textiles take center stage, intertwining traditional elements like wool and fabric with innovative structures. The collection introduces denim sets and embraces cozy curl imitating the churra sheep wool, skill-fully blending heritage with contemporary expression. Traditional and innovative materials coalesce.

The color palette echoes the countryside, ranging from natural creams and deep browns to the verdant hues of bay leaves and the vivid colors of the sky. This nuanced selection of colors constructs a tableau that reflects the vibrancy of the collection’s inspiration.

Silhouettes and key pieces embody a sense of relaxation, featuring oversized coats and knitwear that seamlessly coexist with contemporary minishorts and classic sweaters. The iconic denim sets take center stage, intertwined with textured fabrics and adorned with handcrafted 3D embroidery, providing a refined texture and detail.

“The Blanket” collection is crafted for the young, the irreverent, and those adapting to a new era of consumption. It resonates with a philosophy of youthfulness and adaptability, inviting individuals to embrace a style that transcends time.

Sustainability takes a prominent stance, as the collection breathes life into classic materials and embraces recycled fibers. It weaves a plot that intertwines innovation with tradition, advocating for a fashion-forward approach that aligns with environmental consciousness.

Beyond the mere garments showcased on the runway, this collection unfolds as an exploration—a synthesis of tradition and streetwear, signifying a commitment to a conscious and fashionable future.


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