Instant Headache Relief

Instant Headache Relief

How does it work?

Tension Releazzzer replicates Sub-Occipital Release Technique, which is a very common modality used around the world by physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors, for the treatment and relief of Tension Headaches. It’s basically a deep-tissue static massage on the muscles near the base of the skull. In stressed individuals, these muscles tend to get tight and squeeze on vessels and nerves that pass through them. This can cause pain “down stream”, around the head, and behind the eyes. Tension Releazzzer applies a deep and therapeutic massage on these muscles that helps them release and relax, helping restore proper flow and function to the aforementioned nerves and vessels.

  Adjust pegs for

targeted pressure

Adjust the pegs however you’d like to reach narrow parts of your neck and apply precise and accurate pressure.

Doctor designed.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

I developed Tension Releazzzer™ to replicate the most effective treatment I give my patients for tension headaches. They love it, and I guarantee you will too!

Dr. Brant Stock, Licensed Chiropractor

Available: product- Price: $45.00


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