María is back.

She was outside, it was night, she was thinking. she was alone. His soul, silver, sought shelter in the shadows of its emptiness.

Suddenly a ray of the sky fell in the form of a cross, in front of her, as if caressing her spiky boredom.

Silver became iridium and its soul, a prism that multiplied the moon by decomposing it in a thousand colors.

María ke Fisherman has always been an identity brand, but it had never had time to discover what it really was.

After several seasons we have come to a conclusion. This, like everything, is a matter of power.

An intimate, ancestral power that beats inside everyone but only emerges on the bold ones.

Also it’s about the Japanese exploitation films of the 70s, about the anime of the 80s, about rave culture and about the birth of the web culture in the 90.



In their collection with more hand-woven garments, María and Víctor have drawn a universe of color, psychedelic and nuanced that forms casual pieces that coexist in mathematical harmony with more sober pieces in dark colors.

For the yarns, designers have used raw cotton, almost wild, in natural colors, since nature is sometimes strong; There are also technical threads in acid tones and a space in which all colors are mixed in crochet and two-needle knitwear.

Flat fabrics are divided between classic and technological fabrics. In this part, which is very important for the brand, a vintage denim looking fabric has been developed, and it discolours with heat, generating a tie-die effect, which evolves according to body and environmental temperature.
The cuts, like almost everything in the brand, make up a duality in which rounded silhouettes reminiscent of the beginnings of the hippie movement are mixed with angular cuts of futuristic influence. The silhouettes respond to the search for a powerful femininity, a sense of control.


You can see bodies that expose the chest on “husband” shirts with wide shoulders and narrow waist, “twisted” tube skirts, and impossible silhouette dresses, in which a short skirt, pants and a long skirt, make up a single piece and a lot of knitted pieces; that moves by the feminine silhouette in very worked forms with different messages.

The designers have chosen CALEIDO as the stage for their show at this edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. The spirit of this new real estate project, the most important in the capital of Spain, has inspired a total look of the new SS19 collection; a set of black reflective iridescent coat and trousers, geometric neckline, in which the duo of designers has embodied the futuristic essence of Caleido, which will soon be a benchmark in the capital in fashion, gastronomy, education, health, sports and leisure ; and that shares the value of innovation with Maria ke Fisherman.

The texture of the fabric of this Caleido look, which decomposes direct light into iridescent tones, evokes the future tower that is rising in the place of the fashion show.

This collection also presents the first Nike custom jersey, in the form of a football jersey, a shared hobbie between designers and Nike, which will go on sale in September. There is also a woven knit interpretation of this jersey that is close to haute couture.

For footwear, the brand has collaborated with the footwear giant New Rock, a brand with whom they share values. Military boots, low cane and exaggerated platform are covered in printed socks that compress the silhouette, extracting a new sensuality of the excessive.

In this fashion show, Maria Ke Fisherman had the collaboration of M·A·C Cosmetics for the creation of natural looks and marked eyes. The M·A·C Cosmetics products that make this beauty possible are the iconic Studio Fix Fluid foundation, and for the eye area, the Chroma Line pencils, Lip Mix shadows and Chroma Cake.

El equipo de peluquería del desfile lo han formado Cult team + In Salon Artist de SEBASTIAN Professional, que para la realización del look han utilizado productos como el Champú Reset de Sebastian Professional, el acondicionador Preset de Sebastian Professional y el Spray Shaper ID de Sebastian Professional.

The hairdressing team of the fashion show was formed by SEBASTIAN Professional’s Cult team + In Salon Artist, who used products such as Sebastian Professional’s Reset Shampoo, Sebastian Professional’s Preset Conditioner and Sebastian Professional’s Spray Shaper ID for the realization of the look.


By the end of 2009, María Lemus and Víctor Alonso created María ke Fisherman. The brand was born as a creative project with interest in economic growth, and a need to fill a gap in the growing market of high fashion sportswear, always on the border between art and streetwear. The project of María Lemus and Víctor Alonso is an unprecedented experience in the field of Spanish fashion, maintaining its efforts almost exclusively in product design, have achieved milestones that have placed them as a benchmark of current Spanish design.


CALEIDO is a project that will fill the city with life, talent and new trends. An environment that has been designed thinking about the lifestyle of the Madrid of the future, and that has become a great reference in fashion, gastronomy, education, health, sports and leisure, in a 100% sustainable environment.
This innovative architectural project in Madrid, for which a total investment of 300 million euros is estimated, is led by Promociones y Propiedades Inmobiliarias Espacio and the real estate company Megaworld Corporation.

The future complex consists of a vertical building of 36 floors that will host the Instituto de Empresa (IE), with the first vertical university campus of Spain, and a second horizontal building at the base of 4 floors and 20 meters high, in the one that the Quirón Salud Group will manage an advanced medicine center. In addition, CALEIDO will have a wide commercial and service area as well as extensive green areas at the service of the city and citizens.


Sebastian Professional is always immersed in a constant search for the next trends. From the following great idea and of the artistic turn that will change the way in which the world creates and that returns to conform the world that we observe. From the underground to the ordinary, life is his inspiration and always has been. He defined the rasta look, was the first brand to work with wet hair and created the crimper (wavy plate), with which he combed a whole generation. His art increases the world you perceive and opens your imagination even more.

Sebastian was born of a vision of beauty without borders. It transgresses the limits of its art and pursues its artistic ambition until the end, creating new possibilities of self-expression.
From the beginning, Sebastian has provided new products, tools and techniques to stylists and those with style. His creations work under the spotlight, in the living room and on the street. Their innovations simplify and put people in the hands of self-expression.

Each decade, Sebastian announces a new line of icons that test the limits of creation in the hair. Cellophanes was the first varied coloration. Shaper, the first lacquer that could be used in any position. Potion 9 created the canvas for a hairstyle without limits; and Eruptek condensed in the hair expansive clouds of texture.


M ·A ·C (Make-up Art Cosmetics), is a leading professional makeup brand founded in Toronto, Canada in 1984 and belonging to the group The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. The make-up artist and photographer Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, owner of a beauty salon, felt frustrated by the lack of makeup that allowed to achieve good photographs, so they decided to create their own makeup. The popularity of the brand has grown through word of mouth from makeup artists, models, photographers and journalists from around the world. M ·A ·C is currently sold in 120 countries / territories around the world. Follow us through our profile @MACcosmetics, be part of the Facebook community ( and Instagram ( e instagram/maccosmetics_es), and do not miss our videos on YouTube (

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