Monsoori FW2022

Defying the rigid timeline restrictions of the fashion industry, Monsoori launches one breathtaking collection each year. These Limited -edition pieces are the epitome of wearable opulence, luxury and sophisticated glamour. Bahraini Haute Couture designer Shaima Al Mansoori is inspired by three key elements that are prevalent and inextricably linked throughout the collection; architecture, art and the multi-cultural caldron that is her home. Appealing to the international market, as well as the modest market, the collection has a ying-yang balance of soft and hard lines that combines with the array of textures, colors, and patterns of various luxury materials to create a collection for the ultimate Monsoori woman who is strong, feminine and effortlessly chic.

Monsoori is for the modern-day princess who wears many hats. The collection will take you on a passionate journey to beautiful pieces that are carefully handcrafted, tailored, and detailed to perfection.

The designer Shaima Al Mansoori understands the need for a woman to feel fabulous and comfortable at the same time. The pieces are designed in such a way that once on, you notice your head is a little higher; you stand a little bit taller and have a bounce in your step. The juxtaposition of powerful shapes, feminine fabrics, and flawless tailoring creates haute couture that is part of your daily life.


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