SYREENE AW17/18 Designed by YVAILO



Another moonless night blindly sank in the blue darkness. 

Another lost ship with desperate sailors without hopes.

Suddenly a few bright sparkles broke the gloom like tiny azure stars.

SYREENE again as a bait showed her mesmerising glitter nymph skin. 

Shimmer mist sprinkled the black sand.

Tears as frozen snowflakes filled her eyes.

The grief from her dead love, fatally seduced in a sea storm, was still bitterly bleeding.

His face silently as a ghost wandered the sea bed.

The ship turned towards the magnificent bay.

The bay where arctic freeze and dead waters had lethally wrapped every sailor’s face.

The bay where all hopes had turned into ice.

SYREENE knew what a disaster she had became.

But all the other women had to know how deep her despair is.

The despair as sharp as an iceberg to lose the beloved one.



YVAILO is a project of the future.

A bold fashion brand with vivid storylines and daring collections that surprise every season.

We know what we do – not just clothes, some dull garments collected in a range, but standout products with standout stories.

Such that provoke women to dress up.

Conscious designer clothing, sleek and feminine that fits and feels a bit naughty, yet practical but stylishly fun.

Because who says eco cannot be damn seductive?

So no-fur-no-leather? A #FEELINGHAPPY yes.

Fur” and “leather” are excluded from our style dictionary and left where they belong to, on their owners.

Animals are treated with respect, protected with a donation through every purchase made.

Fashion can have a much deeper meaning than a full shopping bag.

Clothes can bring more than just feel-good-on-the-skin emotions.

They can give this same feeling to our wildlife.

In a digital mobile evolution we think globally, but we dress the individuals, those unique enough to stand out from the fashion masses.

The ones who believe firmly in the new fashion as we do.

Because 21st century brand no longer speaks with the products it offers.

Neither with the lifestyle it promotes with them. It is with the values it stands firmly behind.

Because luxury is the possibility to think brightly about the future without sacrificing the present.


An unexpectedly well-blended mixture of an MA Accountant, an ex-student in Fashion Marketing and a fashion designer by heart.

Coming to my character, I am predominantly a #FEELINGHAPPY individual with a firm set of positive values in life.

Healthy veggie diet and exercise.

Family – my essential foundation in life.

Great partner.

Nature and Sun – incredible by itself.

ECOlogy, not EGOlogy – my life mantra as Earth is our one and only home.

My hashtags: #cycle, #recycle, #compost, #drinktapwater, #fabricbags, #growyourowngarden, #consciousconsumer.

Quality over quantity.

NO animal testing.


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