Weider Silveiro SS2019

The issue of street LGBTIs was very sensitive to Weider Silveiro, but he had already entered school because he received a note that is not his speaking place.

But Neon Cunha, who is an activist involved in the cause, convinced (and even paraded alongside a class that also included DJ Johnny Luxo and Makeup Artist Max Weber).

The idea was to work with most of the LGBTI but, therefore, the issue of model DRT, needed to parade, was an opportunity to let go of it.

The brand Weider Silveiro was created in 2002 with the purpose of filling a gap in the national fashion market in the young female segment and since then has been presenting seasonal collections, where the main characteristic is the junction of contemporary design with experimental raw material , always privileging the crafts.
Signed by the fashion designer who gives his name, the brand Weider Silveiro always seeks to innovate the wardrobe of contemporary women combining new design with comfort, without losing the femininity one of its main characteristic.


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