Zoe Rowyn FW 24

Zoe Rowyn, was founded in 2019 by Corina Cuelva, who created on-trend bridal gowns tailored to meet the needs of the modern bride. Her collection is full of minimalist pieces yet sophisticated with contrasting whimsical detailing. Corina created a brand for chic, bold, and sophisticated brides like herself.

This collection is designed by Corina Culeva, who created this collection during one of the most transformative times of her life: motherhood. It is designed and dedicated to women as the creator. This is a mini collection of very different pieces that grow into a complex whole, just like all the feelings and experiences we have.

The collection shown at 2023 NYBFW dives into one of the most transformative moments in her life: motherhood. It shares the complexity of human emotions and feelings through experiences that women have lived: varied, different, and contradictory, but full of life and meaning.

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