GSTQ Your Pre -Fall Must Haves!

Our Brand

At GSTQ, we’re all about amplifying every person’s power, helping you to stand in your extraordinary presence. Supporting your intention and magnifying your confidence is why we create collections that match your momentum and your greatest ambitions.

Our Founder

Dany Garcia lives many lives, but they all have one thing in common—unwavering presence. As a chairwoman, film producer, founder, investor, athlete, philanthropist, wife, mentor, and mother she is deeply committed to showing up fully for every role she plays.

As a Cuban American and daughter of immigrants, cultivating a community where we all belong is central to GSTQ’s mission, designing clothes that fit diverse bodies and diverse lifestyles. That way, we always make sure that everyone feels comfortable and supported for what’s now and what’s to come—ready to leave their own mark on the world.


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