Indonesia Now NYFW SS2024

Indonesia Now at NYFW: The Shows once again proved Indonesian fashion is mainstream fashion with seven impressive collections of both modest and modern designs.

Ivan Gunawan

Ivan Gunawan is renowned for his boundless creativity and exceptional talent across various artistic domains. Not only is he a celebrated public figure and charismatic presenter, but he also possesses an innate flair for fashion design. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Ivan has truly made his mark in the ever-evolving realms of creativity and fashion. His looks have adorned Indonesian celebrities like Rossa, Luna Maya, Raline Shah and Kris Dayanti.

For Spring/Summer ‘24, the Maharani collection, full of fantastic gold lace and embroideries, was inspired by the golden age of the Majapahit empire, one of the greatest kingdoms of ancient Indonesia led by the Empress Maharani, Tribhuawana Tunggadewi, the Queen who succeeded in conquering the Archipelago.

Merdi Sihombing

Merdi Sihombing is a creative worker in the field of fashion and fashion accessories who really cares about culture, the environment, social programs, and sustainable ecosystem development. Merdi is not only known as a fashion designer but also for his track record in building community empowerment. During his 25-year career, Merdi has always carried & defended the values of fashion ethics and sustainability including diversity in fashion, slow fashion, recycling, reuse, pp-cycle, nature & cultural conservation.

ULOS, the collection, began with inspiration from the challenge of bringing indigenous Batak, North Sumatra-Indonesia, culture to the world stage. Many Indonesians believe that Indonesian culture is something that is out of date and has a lack of competitive value in the modern world, which is simply not the case. ULOS features an innovation that combines the unique traditional ulos patterns and natural coloring with the mindset of street style. The designs felt fresh & vibrant, what Merdi Sihombing coined as “GlamEthnic”, from their gorgeous indigo and fuchsia tones to their impressive recycled fibers from plastic waste in the ocean of Indonesia.

Indonesian celebrity fans of the brand include Yuni Shara, Krisdayanti, Rossa, Happy Salma, Jessica Mila, Sophia Latjuba, Agnes Monica, and many others.


Ayumi takes inspiration from Indonesian culture and pop music to turn their bold ideas into reality through dresses and designs. Making dreams happen, this collection called “A Pop of Culture” wows fashionistas of New York with bright fuchsia, golds, limes, and pops of eye-catching designs on chic, simple silhouettes.

The brand hopes that Indonesian designers can gain the recognition globally they deserve by showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched creativity. Celebrity fans of Ayumi include Krisdayanti, Marion Jola, Yuni Shara, Dira Sugandi, Ayu TingTing, Olla Ramlan, and Jihane Almira.

IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana

IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana represents the commitment to beloved Indonesia’s cultural richness and a way to make Tenun Ikat fabric more widely accepted by the world. IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana encapsulated and reinvented the ideas of how the young generation in Indonesia is preserving their magical culture through continuously using the art of weaving to promote curated local artisans and well-designed fashion items.

The Wiron collection highlights the diversity of Indonesia’s traditional clothing silhouettes with detailed pleats on the fabric, an expression of the elegance of Indonesian women with a warm, feminine and romantic flair. Its silhouettes and motif designs were inspired by the beauty of Indonesian culture and the colors of the natural landscapes in Indonesia.


Notable fans of the brand include Andien, Bunga Citra Lestari, Kris Dayanti, Dominique Diyose, Ayla Dimitri, Maudy Ayunda, Vidi Aldiano, Nicholas Saputra, Abimana Aryasatya.

Ghea Fashion Studio

Ghea Panggabean’s journey is a testament to the interweaving of cultures, passions, and creativity. Born in Rotterdam and educated in Europe, she emerged as a visionary force in Indonesia’s fashion industry creating a renaissance in the realm of the rich Indonesian textiles as her endless inspiration.

After her graduation from a renowned fashion college in London, Ghea returned to Indonesia in 1980 to establish her Design Studio. Her mission was to carve an Indonesian identity into her designs based upon the foundation of the nation’s treasured textile heritage. She introduced a distinctive mark to Indonesia’s fashion scene—the iconic “Jumputan” tie-dyed fabric (Pelangi Palembang Cloth). Her designs use strong folklore elements and boho chic styles which became her trademark in the Indonesian fashion scene. Her fashion tells a story of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage and is uniquely Indonesian until today. She never stops Translating Heritage into Fashion.

This New York Fashion Week, Ghea pays homage to the enchanting beauty of Sumba, the strength of Sumba’s women, and the captivating textiles of the land. The MAMULI SUMBA (A Hidden Gem) collection honors the strength of Sumbanese women and weavers and an embodiment of Sumba’s spirit with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and the profound stories embedded within Sumba’s textiles woven by the women. MAMULI SUMBA is a love letter to Sumba, the spirit of its women, and the artistry of its textiles. As the models walked the runway, they carried with them the essence of Sumba, an island that whispers stories of ages past while dancing to the rhythm of modernity.

Some American celebrities who have worn Ghea Panggabean’s designs upon their visit

Amero X Livette

Creative Director, Steven Ronaldo, presented LAVANI by Amero Jewlery this fashion week in collaboration with Livette. LAVANI represents women who are true to their heart, women who share the hope of carrying on the underlying spirit of Borobudur, and women who value life in humanity and happiness, whilst simultaneously invoking homage to timeless heritage through alluring jewelry. The 17k gold jewelry is crafted passionately to enhance the beauty of its wearer. Black and rose gold pieces hold an interpretation of echoes from past Indonesian heritage.

Amero Jewelry has been worn by public figures like Luthesa, Luna Maya, Widi Mulia, Liliana Tanu Soedibyo, Asmara Abigail, Tiffany Jolie, Sarah Tumiwa, Krisdayanti, Ziva Magnolia, Puteri Indonesia 2023, Puteri Indonesia 2022, Miss Indonesia 2023, Annisa Pohan, Kimmy Jayanti, etc.

Livette was founded in 2017 by Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, a multitalented Indonesian public figure and entrepreneur with expertise and passion in the fields of beauty and fashion. As the founder of Miss Indonesia, Liliana is able to use her expertise to shine a light on both women’s beauty and success. Her brand Livette extends her appreciation for Indonesian beauty by preserving cultural fabrics and transforming them into chic, modern designs. Inspired by geometric abstract triangle motifs, this Spring Summer 2024 collection recasts this meaningful pattern as futuristic fashion whilst preserving its value.

Notable fans of the brand include Stephanie Del Valle Diaz – Miss World 2016, Manushi Chhillar – Miss World 2017, Andrea Meza – Miss Universe 2020, Carla Yules- Miss Indonesia 2020-2021, and Audrey Vanessa – Miss Indonesia 2022-2023.

Suedeson by Kimberly Tandra X MANDY’S

This SS 2024 season is Kimberly Tandra’s third season at New York Fashion Week as the youngest Indonesian fashion designer. Her collection, Plethora, is both feminine and vibrant with color combinations of red, pink, yellow and orange. Suedeson is proud of their craftsmanship of traditional techniques made from scratch and entirely designed in house.

“Mimpi itu gratis, yang susah adalah merubah mimpi menjadi kenyataan. Namun semua berawal dari mimpi, dan semangat bermimpi itulah yang membawa brand saya show di New York Fashion Week untuk season ketiga. Jangan pernah berhenti untuk bermimpi”

Translated into English:

“Turning dreams into reality is challenging, but it’s where big achievements start. The spirit of dreaming brought my brand to New York Fashion Week for the third season. Never stop dreaming.” –Kimberly Tandra

MANDY’S retail brand started in 2017 stemming from a mother-daughter duo who enjoys collecting footwear from all over the world. MANDY’S believes that style and comfort must go hand-in-hand. Beauty does not require pain!

THE DREAM COLLECTION, SS23/24, was inspired by Indonesian women who have different styles & dreams. Complete with various styles, such as boots, heels, & wedges, this collection embraces the belief that everyone has their own style to be proud of. Founder, Amanda Sutanto wanted to highlight MANDY’S slogan ‘Style Meets Comfort’. With the variety of styles of shoes on display, one thing they share is the comfort & quality of each product.

About Indonesia Now

Indonesia Now, created by Dina Fatimah (Eski), is focused on placing top Indonesian design talent on the global stage highlighting the beauty and richness of Indonesia through the country’s top design talent. Indonesia Now’s careful curation of designers has led to major press coverage from everyone from Popsugar to Vogue Arabia.

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