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A Commitment to Excellence Since 1929

By Tom Shane

Since I founded Shane Co. in 1971, we have grown to become America’s largest family-owned jeweler and the leading Direct Diamond ImporterTM. My family’s tradition of excellence in the diamond and jewelry business has been passed down for nearly 90 years and over four generations.

My grandfather, Charles Shane, purchased his first jewelry store in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1929. It was the year of the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression. As difficult as business was in general, the jewelry business was nearly impossible. But his persistence and commitment to quality, value and customer service persevered through the hardest economic times in American history.

My dad, Richard Shane, joined the family enterprise following his World War II military service. Over the years, he piloted a single store into one of the largest jewelry chains in the Midwest.

In 1971, I decided to start my own jewelry business. I incorporated my father’s and grandfather’s commitment to quality, value and customer service, in addition to offering customers a unique educational opportunity. My vision was to make sure that all of our customers had enough knowledge about their jewelry options to make truly informed purchasing decisions.

Today, my son Rordan works by my side, carrying on the Shane family tradition.

The Fourth Generation of Superior Quality, Value & Service

By Rordan Shane

Since 2008, I’ve been helping my father Tom run Shane Co. Like my dad, I take a hands-on approach … talking with our customers, working with our designers, and traveling overseas to maintain the relationships with the diamond cutters that our family has worked with for generations.

I’m passionate about the work we do, and I’m grateful for the values I learned from my mom and dad … Honesty. Integrity. Treating customers like family. And offering the best value for jewelry that will last a lifetime.

We’re proud that generations of customers choose Shane Co. as their trusted jeweler for life, and we’re proud to be Your Friend in the Jewelry Business®.


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